Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards

I started buying Joseph Joseph chopping boards a few years ago. I noticed the other day that my two large Cut & Carve boards were looking very cut and carved so decided to invest in some new ones. I always buy my Jospeh Joseph boards from TK Maxx. You can't always guarantee they will have the colour range you might like in TK Maxx but they will be cheaper than buying them in John Lewis or Selfridges....

I bought a new Cut & Carve Joseph Joseph board in green from TK Maxx which cost £9.99. I noticed on the Joseph Joseph website that there is a new version of this board now with grip around the edges which costs £18.50. The board I bought doesn't have the rubber around the edges but it does have the nice slanted finish to gather juice from tomatoes or meat. One side of the Cut & Carve board is flat and the other side has a raised spiked section to hold meat as you carve it which is really useful.

As well as the Cut & Carve board I bought two of the Joseph Joseph 'Chop 2 Pot' chopping boards. I've seen these in the past and thought they looked very handy enabling you to chop carrots for example, fold the sides of the board in and tip the food into the pan. Or as I see happening more - fold the sides of the boards and take scrap to the bin.

I bought one large and one small Chop 2 Pot board in the same green as the large Cut & Carve board. They cost £5.99 and £7.99 in TK Maxx.

One of the best things about the Joseph Joseph boards is they are dishwasher safe. So no matter what you cook, cut, carve, slice or grate onto your boards you can always get the smells out and rest assured they are squeaky clean each time you use them.

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