Saturday, 12 January 2013

Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry, Barbados

Barbados. What a luxuriously cool place for a holiday. We recently spent two weeks in Barbados staying at Turtle Beach over Christmas and New Year and had an amazing time....

Warning: It is very easy to sit on a sun lounger underneath a palm tree on the beach and not move out of the resort for the whole time you are there. But make sure if you venture out anywhere, you go to the Friday Night Fish Fry at the fishing town of Oistins on the south west coast about 15 minutes from St Lawrence Gap.

The atmosphere at Oistins on a Friday night is incredibly lively. Tourists and locals go to eat, drink and dance and watch the multiple games of dominoes happening across portable tables. The fish is the main attraction with vendor after vendor cooking everything from marlin, flying fish, king fish, snapper, dolphin, dorado, swordfish and lobster in the open air right in front of you.

We arrived at Oistins about 7.15pm after our taxi driver Rocky dropped us off at the petrol station opposite the market. All the shops and cafes were lit up against the pitch black night sky and almost as soon as you walk in people are trying to woo you in to their establishment. We went for a walk around and looked at all the craft stalls, watched in fascination as the locals played dominoes - all smacking their domino pieces down super hard on the table - must be the Bajan technique. In the end we settled at Yvonne's Grill Bar and ordered a plate of marlin and chips and a plate of flying fish and rice. 

This is the marlin which actually came with chips, maccaroni and salad. Check out the size of this piece of fish! It tasted so good with that fresh barbecue grill which is so rare in the UK! I couldn't actually finish the fish it was so big so my husband polished it off after his flying fish and rice.

One thing to remember is that people in Barbados are on island time. So the food is cooked slowly and served pretty slowly. There is no rush. We thought they had forgotten our order but it turns out we were being too keen. When it arrived and we tasted the fish we realised it was worth waiting for and enjoyed it whilst listening to reggae, drinking Banks beer and watching the world go by. Yeah mon.

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