Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pi (Altrincham)

My husband and I went out for my birthday to the new bar Pi in Altrincham. Known for serving a wide range of real ales, draught and bottled beers, Pi have been keeping the people of Chorlton and Mossley Hill in 'stonkingly good' Pieminster pies for some time now.

Pi (Altrincham) have opened up in the former Le Trappiste Belgian bar and have retained a similar ambiance with candles on the tables and helpful staff to talk you through the extensive beer menu.

The pie menu is on a handwritten blackboard on the wall. I chose the Heidi pie; spinach, sweet potato, red onion and goats cheese. Perfect eaten with half a Brooklyn lager. Or two...

Pi (Altrincham)
18 Shaw's Road
Cheshire WA14 1QU
0161 929 9098

Blackpool Rock Birthday

I got this cute birthday card in the post from one of my best friends who is on holiday in Australia. How retro having your school nick name on a stick of Blackpool rock!

Superfood Sunday

There is a superfood salad on the menu at Giraffe which inspired this post-swim lunch on Sunday. My version was made up of:

Quinoa & bulgar wheat
Salmon fillets marinated in chilli
Green beans
Edamame beans
Lemon juice

It took about ten minutes to make my superfood salad. It tastes even better when it has sat in the fridge for a while letting the quinoa soak up all the surrounding flavours. Yum!

The Lebanese Kitchen by Salma Hage

I spotted The Lebanese Kitchen book in Waterstones a couple of weeks ago and had to have it! I discovered Lebanese food a couple of years ago after dining out with friends at Yara in Altrincham. Their lamb chops cooked on charcoal are amazing.

This book had so many beautiful recipes - over 500 - and stunning photographs which will inspire a few Lebanese nights at our house.

The book itself has a very artistic feel. When you open the book you see that all the pages are serrated and it makes you want to fan through them and watch the pages fall. I have tried to take a couple of photos to demonstrate what I mean. The Lebanese Kitchen was on sale for £30 in Waterstones but is available cheaper on Amazon.