Sunday, 28 October 2012

Boutique Breakfast at The Salthouse Hotel, Ipswich

I stayed at The Salthouse Harbour Hotel in Ipswich when away with work recently and it was so nice! It's not often hotels actually make you feel at home. The hotel is situated right on the harbour side and in the summer months would be stunning. There are lots of totally random pieces of artwork throughout the hotel which really catch your eye. The hotel offers breakfast delivered to your room at no extra cost so I went for it and ordered this tray of brekky delight to be delivered at 8.45am.

The breakfast was so well presented I didn't even freak out at the sausage on my plate after I lifted the silver dome (I HATE sausages). I liked the little tiny pots of jam, marmalade, honey, brown sauce, red sauce and mustard...what is it about miniature pots of things that make you smile? Anyway I didn't use the sauces but they look great now in my kitchen cupboard ;-)

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