Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ssssh. Don't tell Guinness I'm having an affair with Brooklyn.

I think I first tried Brooklyn Lager in Trof or Common Bar in Manchester's Northern Quarter. I've since found myself ordering it in Gorilla and Cask. My husband and I have also bought Brooklyn Lager in Sainsburys for a Saturday night in and I bought two bottles in Tesco this morning to drink whilst I'm doing the ironing. Rock n roll.

Little by little I am starting to realise I might actually be falling in love with Brooklyn. Eeeek.

I feel a bit guilty on Guinness as it has always been my top most favourite, completely reliable drink to definitely taste amazing every single time and never results in a hangover no matter how many pints I consume.

But Guinness, what can I say, you have some competition. I've not desserted might be a phase...I'm just being honest....the sexy 'B' on the label keeps catching my eye.....

To be continued.

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