Sunday, 16 September 2012

I won't lie...I've been getting around recently...

Tragic night on Friday after work in Cask in Castlefield. I met my husband (swoon) for after work drinks. I asked for half a Guinness. Standard. Much to my complete shock and horror it didn't taste nice. So my husband took my half pint of Guinness back to the bar. The guys behind the bar tasted it and said it was fine. But my husband quite rightly defended my Guinness tasting capability and asked for my alternative choice of half a Cusquena instead. I didn't really like that either.

Anyway it came to my round and I went to the bar and asked for my new bit on the side Brooklyn Lager. They didn't have any in stock. 'Oh right' I said. Momentary dizziness set in. I searched the bar for something familiar and the barman kindly suggested I try a James Boag lager from Tasmania. 'Alright' I said (easy). 'Its Friday', I thought, 'I have room for Tazmanian-devillish behaviour'. I tasted the James Boag and was impressed. The barman knows his stuff. I looked at their website to find the link for this blog and they have some cool videos on there. Check it out. Warning: it may make you thirsty.

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