Sunday, 16 September 2012

Caribbean Mango Marinade from Borough Market

The Caribbean. Just saying 'The Caribbean' makes me feel happy inside. When I saw the Caribbean food stall at Borough Market I was instantly drawn to see what was on offer. I've not heard of Pimento Hill before but they had the most fabulous sauces, spices and marinades on offer to taste and savour.

I bought this jar of Mango Natty for about £4 which I was advised to use as a marinade or sauce on chicken or fish. Chatting to the lady working on the stall I mentioned I was going on holiday to Barbados to which she replied 'that's just like going to Spain'. I nearly choked on my natty taster and asked her where in the Caribbean she would advise I go instead. 'Grenada, St Kitts, St Vincent...somewhere more interesting...' So there you have it. Travel tips and a mango marinade for £4. I'm yet to open the jar but when I do I'll serve with a can of Ting and think of the woman from Pimento Hill who compares Barbs with Marbs. Yeah mon.

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