Sunday, 8 July 2012

Week Night G&T (Without the G)

In January my husband and I decided to go a month without booze. Lots of Christmas parties and New Year shenanigans left us feeling pretty rotten so we decided to give up the demon drink. Of course as soon as you give something up, all you can think of is that thing, so when it came to Friday and Saturday nights we needed something nice in a glass to replace the wine or beer we would usually drink.

And so the G&T mocktail was born; lime flavoured tonic water on ice with fresh lime. It tastes so nice and has since become part of our week night ritual saying in faux posh Tarquin and Felicity voices 'Here you go dear, treat yourself to this G&T you've worked hard all day'. 'Oh thanks dear' *cheers and slurp* 'mmm that's delicious'. And so on. Most nights. Small things eh?

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