Friday, 8 June 2012

Home sweet home tastes of ice cream

I might get this photograph printed and framed for our home. It would melt my husband's heart. They say home is where the heart is. Currently heart and home are on long term sabbatical in Hale, Cheshire but really it belongs in Parkgate, Wirral.

Nicholls of Parkgate - ice cream shop extraordinaire- is the local cash cow when the sun is shining. Actually even when its not, Mr Nicholls opens his doors to floods of twitchers, weekend breakers, locals, school trips, OAPs on coaches, motorbikers and lots of very welcome day trippers from the other side of the water; good old Liverpool. The ice cream is award winning and you get absolutely every flavour under the sun. Made on the premises (like the poor relation ice cream shop next door where I used to work as a teenager) the mint choc chip and strawberry double cone with a flake is a top choice.

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