Saturday, 19 May 2012

Quinoa, Edamame & Bulgur Salad

This has fast become the base for all my lunchtime salads recently. I try and take my lunch to work every day partly to save money but mainly so I know exactly what I am eating, where it was prepared, what has gone into it and that all utensils used to make it were clean and hygienic. OCD? Yes definitely.

This quinoa, edamame and bulgur salad base is so easy to make. I use a packet of Pedon 10 minute quick cook quinoa and bulgur from the wholefoods aisle at Tesco. You simply place the grains into boiling water for ten minutes and add the edamame beans in three minutes before the end. Then you rinse in a sieve and run cold water through. I then tip the mixture into a large mixing bowl and add whatever other ingredients I fancy along with the juice of a lemon or lime depending on what suits. Easy, tasty, full of protein, cheap, healthy and perfect for tipping into a lunch box and eating at your desk.

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