Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Treat: Mount Gay Rum Truffles

If someone asked what you associate with Barbados you might say Rihanna, sunshine, or Simon Cowell on holiday at Sandy Lane over Christmas. But Barbados is also famous for the oldest brand of rum in existence; Mount Gay Rum. Records show this rum was first distilled in Barbados in the 1700s and it has since gone on to become a world recognised brand. My husband and I were first introduced to Mount Gay Rum during a family holiday to St Lucia in 2007 when we stayed at Windjammer Landing for the Cricket World Cup. My Uncle in Law told a story about this being the rum sailors brought back from the Caribbean when returning from long trips at sea (this could be entirely made up – I got so drunk on this rum – we all did – it has the power to knock you off your feet). Mount Gay Rum does sponsor regattas around the world however so there may be some truth in this story. 

Anyway ever since that holiday my husband and his best friend have enjoyed Mount Gay Rum and coke as an end-of-the-evening kind of tipple. I was reminded of this rum when I was on the tram to work recently reading the Metro where there was a snippet about Mount Gay Rum truffles being made by Rococo Chocolates in London. I contacted the shop to get some truffles as a Valentines present for my husband but they don’t sell the fresh truffles online. So one of my best friends kindly went into the Kings Road store and bought me a box of the Mount Gay Rum truffles and a box of banana rum truffles, packaged them up and sent them in the post. I got very excited when this package arrived on my desk at work. The truffles are ovals of dark chocolate all smooth and rich on the inside. We ate one each on Valentines Day and then packaged them back up for rationing over the next few weeks. How amazing is this packaging?! Have a look at the very cool Mount Gay Rum website to read the story of the drink and learn a little bit about Barbados

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  1. So glad you managed to track down the chocolates - you are clearly very resourceful - enjoy them at your moderately paced valentine ration ;-)