Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Quinoa & Bulgar Salad with Salmon, Watercress, Edamame Beans & Broccoli

January is the month of all things superfood with light lunches and sensibly sized portions. 'Boring!' I hear you cry. 'Oh no no no no no no' I say in my best Churchill the dog voice.

Quinoa, pronounced 'keen-wah' and not 'kwin-noah' as I so confidently talked about the other day, is the exciting new couscous in our house and it goes with almost anything.

Having read a lot of nutritionist food blogs, magazines and books I thought its time to start getting some more grains, beans and veg in to the diet.

Quinoa salad is pretty sensational both in terms of taste and ease to make. You cook the quinoa in the same way as rice, rinse through with cold water, add to a bowl and mix in all your ingredients. For this salad I used edamame beans, watercress and broccoli topped with flaked salmon and a drizzle of lemon juice. The quinoa soaks up all the flavours and saves well overnight ready for lunch the next day. This new staple in our cupboard is said to provide multiple health benefits and is packed full of complete protein. There are lots of quinoa recipes on the BBC Good Food website.

To summarise, quinoa comes highly recommended. Even if you just keep it in mind as a 'qu' word in Scrabble.

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