Thursday, 5 January 2012

Arrriba! Arrriba! Mexican Rice Salad

Spicing up the lunch box tomorrow is this Mexican rice salad. Ingredients include:

1 x 400g can of mixed beans
1 x boil in the bag Basmati rice
1 x red pepper
1 x handful of spinach
1 x lime
1 x tbsp cajun seasoning

Cook the rice according to packet instructions and then drain and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Add to a mixing bowl with the drained mixed beans, the chopped red pepper and chopped spinach. Mix all the ingredients together. Then juice the lime and mix with the cajun seasoning and some black pepper. Pour the dressing over the rice and stir.

When your partner is not looking, put your face to the bowl and breathe in the fresh scent (optional). Then spoon in to two lunch boxes, sit down and watch Location, Location, Location.

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