Saturday, 14 January 2012

2 Lions Sabatier Jupiter 5 Piece Knife Set and Block

I bought a nice new shiny set of Sabatier kitchen knives last weekend in John Lewis. It astounded me how I'd managed to use my previous set of knives for so long after I tried these for the first time. They glide through food effortlessly as you cut which is of course what they should do. My old set of kitchen knives were clearly blunt in comparison. This block of knives includes:

1 x paring knife
1 x utility knife
1 x bread knife
1 x chef's knife
1 x slicing knife

The block is really compact and sits nicely next to the hob. I've never actually maintained a set of knives correctly before (are you meant to sharpen them after every use?) so will have a go at keeping these nice and chef-like.

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