Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas Sherry Trifle (aka Splodgy Mess)

This was quite exciting ;-) I hadn't made a trifle since I was about ten years old and it was from a Birds all in one pack.

I'd declared to my family I would bring the dessert for Christmas day this year. I had my eye on this fabulous banoffee pie in BBC Good Food magazine. When I went to make a list of the ingredients I noticed it had something like 750 kcals per slice which put me right off. I also remembered my Dad is a fussy eater and likes trifle so I thought if I make something he likes then everyone will be happy. Cue the Christmas sherry trifle. I used:

1 strawberry swiss roll
Sweet sherry
Strawberry jelly cubes
Frozen berries, defrosted
Custard (ready made)
Double cream
Hundreds and thousands

I had bought all the items to make custard from scratch but when I got to my mum's house to make it on Christmas eve (I had to make it there as I don't have a trifle bowl) she had a box of ready made custard in the fridge so I used that.

The swiss roll went in first to line the bottom and was drizzled with sherry. I then laid the fruit on top and made up the jelly and poured it over to just cover the fruit. I put this in the fridge overnight. Then on Christmas day I added the custard and whipped some double cream and spooned on top into peaks. Santa's little helper (my 3 year old niece) was then given the very important task of adding the hundreds and thousands to the top. The trifle then went into the fridge until after dinner.

I brought it to the table to a round of applause, put the spoon in to serve and the trifle fell apart in each dish in a splodgy mess. It tasted nice but looked like a ten year old had made it. The main thing was my Dad liked it so that was a good enough result for me ;-)

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