Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Best Pubs for Guinness in Manchester

Now then. A lot of thought has gone into this blog post. Many a conversation has been had between myself and my Guinness drinking partner in crime (my husband) over this topic. And I like to think I am extremely knowledgeable on this subject. (I'm not sure whether that's something to be proud of or not). But here are my/our top five pubs for drinking Guinness in Manchester.

1. The Marble Arch, Rochdale Road. We lived in an apartment two minutes walk away from the Marble for 18 months. The first day we moved in we did a Google search for the best Guinness in Manchester. The Marble Arch came up. You should have seen our expressions when we realised the pub was at the top of our new road. Result. The Guinness here is really creamy, is always served in the appropriate glassware, and the staff really know how to pour it and often say 'go and sit down and I'll bring it over when its ready'.

This pub in general is really good. It is packed on a Friday night with Postmen from the sorting office over the road. It's packed on a Saturday afternoon with shoppers who have ventured that bit further out for a drink to keep the man happy. And it is packed on a Sunday for roast dinners. In the winter they have a real fire going which along with the great beer, nice food and friendly atmosphere makes you want to stay all night. A pint of Guinness costs £3.50.

If you go and have a few scoops don't worry you're not seeing things, the floor is on an angle.

2. The Britons Protection, Great Bridgewater Street. We only started going to this pub in the summer since we moved out of the city centre and saw it as we went past it on the tram every day. What a find. It's conveniently close to my office so is a great venue to meet for a drink after work. The Guinness is poured really well in here and is like a hug in a glass. It is not quite as creamy as The Marble but comes a close second.

3. Tom's Chop House, Cross Street and Sam's Chop House, Back Pool Fold. We call these posh pubs. You're more likely to get gentlemen in suits in these pubs, particularly in Sam's as it is so close to the business district, and they are priced accordingly. I think last time I went in it was £3.75 for a pint of the black stuff. Definitely worth a visit for the feeling of being in an old world London pub.

4. The Wheatsheaf Inn, Raby. This is not in Manchester. It's about 50 miles away near my hometown but I can't leave it out of a blog post about Guinness ;-)

5. The Railway, Hale. Great for sports, this pub has at least four TVs, a darts board and a golf society. The Guinness is a recession-friendly £3 a pint - amazing. This pub is literally always busy and absolutely buzzing. We have a bet going that this is the biggest grossing pub outside of London it is that busy. Regardless of how many people are in there you always get served within 30 seconds of standing at the bar. And if you are full of Guinness I highly recommend a Mount Gay rum and coke. Or two...

If anyone knows any other Manchester pubs highly regarded for Guinness PLEASE let me know.

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