Thursday, 6 October 2011

Chocolate Banana Eton Mess aka MMMM MMMM

If you're looking for somewhere to go for Sunday lunch in the Cheshire/ Manchester area you should definitely try Simon Rimmer's Earle in Hale. I went recently with the girls and we enjoyed a very relaxing three hour, three course lunch for £18.95 which included mushroom and onion soup, an amazing roast beef dinner followed by this chocolate and banana Eton mess.

Now usually when I'm with the girls there's nothing to hear but chitter chatter but each time the food was served - particularly during dessert - there was nothing but silence and occasional When Harry met Sally type of noises around the table. This dessert is seriously sexy. I didn't actually have anything to drink apart from water during the meal (shock horror) and I went away feeling amazingly satisfied.

We even saw Simon Rimmer as he walked in post SFTW saying hello to diners on his way through the restaurant which was the icing on the very creamy cake.

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