Saturday, 2 July 2011

Triple S Sandwich

The name of this post does not come from using three ingredients beginning with the letter S. It comes from what this sandwich reminds me and my husband of: Saturdays as a Student in Sheffield.

In the final year of uni in Sheffield my husband lived just off Ecclesall Road directly behind Nonna's. In fact when we last visited they had extended Nonna's and made the old student house into what is now the deli. Great location as you used to get the aroma of all the cooking coming straight into the bathroom of the house.

Anyway I used to go to Sheffield from Manchester most Friday nights and Saturdays generally used to involve getting up around brunch time, going for a walk along Ecky Road and getting the most amazing turkey and bacon club sandwich from Spoilt for Choice. If the weather was nice we'd cop a spot in the Botanical Gardens, eat and mmmm mmm our way through them.

Our new life in Hale has a bit of an Ecky Road/Hunters Bar type of feel about it. So I made these sandwiches for lunch today as a memory marker.

I used Tesco's Finest oak smoked bacon, Finest roast turkey, avacado, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. Perfect with a mug of Twinings sitting in the sunshine listening to the birds sing and smelling the laundry on the line.

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