Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bone Suckin Sauce

I can't quite decide if it's the name, the size of the jar or the taste of the sauce I like best about this. My mother in law used it to marinade some fillet steak we were cooking on the barbecue when in The Lakes recently. If you fancy trying some you can buy it from Lakeland for £4.99.

Described as a great all-rounder it goes with a variety of meats. It has a nice smooth tomato and honey flavour which compliments the meat and doesn't overpower it.

I've looked in a variety of supermarkets for a similar thing including Waitrose but it seems Lakeland is the only place you can buy it. So I then searched for it online and found the Bone Suckin website which is American and shows the whole family of related foods including Bone Suckin Mustard and Bone Suckin Yaki. Have a look.

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