Thursday, 20 January 2011

'Working Nine Till Five' Veggie Curry

Firstly, I didn't take a picture of this delicious meal my husband made because I was too embarassed to display the size of the massive portions we were eating (an hour of gym/ Zumba makes you very hungry). Secondly, I've called it 'Working Nine Till Five' Veggie Curry because if I had more time I'd love to make a curry sauce from scratch.

We use this particular curry sauce as it reminds us of home and my mother in law's cooking which never fails to impress. Here's what we used for our veggie curry:

Chopped butternut squash
Chopped sweet potato
Baby sweetcorn
Sugar snap peas
Basmati rice

The veg is all chopped and boiled or steamed until al dente then poured into a saucepan with the curry sauce. The rice is boiled according to instructions and within 25 minutes you have a really tasty veggie curry which I guarantee you needs no meat whatsoever. As long as you're using thick veg like butternut squash you get a really hearty meal perfect for cold January nights.

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