Saturday, 15 January 2011

Salmon sweet chilli stir fry

This is a great Friday night dinner. It's light and healthy, quick to make and has the kick of a Chinese take away without the cost. I also find it's a great way of using up any veg we have left over at the end of the week.


2 x organic salmon fillets
1 x pack of stir fried veg
1 x broccoli
1 x handful leftover veg including sugar snap peas and baby sweetcorn
1 x packet sweet chilli sauce from the chiller cabinet
1 x lemon

Squeeze lemon onto the salmon fillets and massage in some salt and pepper. Then lay the fish on a frying pan. Sometimes I grill the salmon but this time I wanted to add some of the sweet chilli sauce as it was cooking so used a frying pan. Get the wok nice and hot and throw in the broccoli as this takes longer to cook. When the salmon looks about half way done throw the rest of the veg into the wok and stir. Then add in the sweet chilli sauce saving a little bit for the salmon. Keep stirring until everything is cooked and then dish up and tuck in!

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