Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Sleepy Tea

Twinings' chamomile is usually the tea I drink before bedtime to get me in the psychological state of going to sleep. I'm not in love with the taste though so decided to try this Clipper organic sleep easy tea. With ingredients that include orange and cinammon I though this looked like a really nice alternative to chamomile which I'm pleased to say it is. So much so that the first few nights I had a couple of mugs of it before bedtime. I'm not convinced about it's sleep inducing effects just yet. With it being the first few weeks back in work after Christmas and an aggressive new exercise plan - I'm not exactly having trouble drifting off. This tea also contains valerian which is said to be a sleepy herb and it comes in unbleached bags which I like. Whether or not it works, it tastes nice and smells lush. I have another sleepy tea on my list to try which I'll be buying next week.

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